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Our Courses

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Home Health Aide Training

Understanding the rudiments of caregiving towards bedridden patients within the curriculum of both the national and state dictates all of these are covered by the Home Health Aide training program. Personal hygiene is also carried out on behalf of the patient by Home Health Aides; this is a duty similar to that performed by Nursing Assistants though the former does this within the residence of the patients. Other duties of a Home Health Aide include getting patients ready for bed, responding to phones calls on behalf of patients, and conveying patients. Primarily, Home Health Aides carry out the regular chores of a patient during the period the patient is incapable of handling such duties though this doesn’t apply to patients suffering from senescence or infirmities. The Home Health Aide training program student will be equipped with the required knowledge to make their stay in the residence of their host (the patient) a remarkable one for both parties. Besides, it is mandatory the student gets acquainted with clinical practice within the confines of a patient’s residence before concluding the New York Home Health Aide Training Program.

Nurse Aide / Assistant

Understanding the fundamentals of supervising a bedridden individual within the stipulations of both the national and state councils represents the objective of the Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program at our New York school. The welfare of every patient is the joint responsibility of every staff with nursing assistants often referred to as nurse aides being a member. Clinical staff such Licensed Practical Nurses and the Registered Nurses monitor and oversee the activities of every Certified Nursing Assistant. The closest clinical staff to a patient is the nursing assistant since they perform the personal duties of a patient incapable of carrying out such duties such as their physical hygiene. The responsibility of a certified nursing assistant also includes reading the indicators of the wellbeing of a patient, ensuring the mobility of a patient, responding to phone calls for patients, conveying patients and getting them ready for bed. To Become a certified nursing assistant, a student needs to acquire knowledge of some fundamental nursing procedure, critical understanding of techniques used by assistants who work in rehabilitation centers and different forms of caregiving such as the care of psychologically unbalanced patients, care of individuals with disabilities all of which are well elucidated in our nursing assistant training course in New York. On concluding the course scheme, the student is obliged to practice in a Registered Health Care Facility under supervision which enables the individual to become more in tune with the demands of being a certified nursing assistant. After attaining one of their academic goals which entail concluding the certified nursing assistant training program, the students proceed to the next phase which entails excelling at the New York state certification examination.

Personal Care Aide

The Personal Care Aide program will present the basics of patient care under the guidelines of the federal and state requirements. A Personal Care Aide (PCA) helps with some or all activities of daily living and other tasks identified in a support plan/ plan of care. A PCA works in a home care setting and can also assist in running errands, grocery shopping, driving etc. The course will cover all the necessary topics to ensure that the student effectively does the mandated requirements and provide a respectful and comfortable environment.

Barbering Program

The Barbering program will provide the students with the necessary skills of barbering while adhering to the standards of health and safety according to the New York State Laws and OSHA Regulations.  This course is designed to teach the students the main structures of the hair, haircutting and shaping, shampooing, hairstyling and hair coloring etc.  The course will also instruct students on shop management, ethics, and maintaining a professional image at all times.  The knowledge and skills acquired in this course will prepare the students to take the Barbering Practical Exam in accordance with the New York State barbering statue and regulations board.  

Personal Care Aide to HHA Upgrade

The rudiments of caregiving towards bedridden patients are adequately covered within the stipulations of both the national and state curriculum for a Personal Care Aide to HHA upgrade. Students will be educated on the obligations of a Personal Care Aide compared to that of a Home Health Aide during that period they will understand the many duties rendered by the Home Health Aides ranging from bed making, and carrying out personal hygiene on behalf of a patient to conveying patients to destinations they desire and assisting patients to become mobile within their residence. Similar to other courses, a student in pursuit of a Personal Care Aide certification needs to get acquainted with the job description within the confines of a patient’s residence all of which is overseen by a registered nurse.

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